Leadership and team coaching for the hybrid workplace.

What I Do

Team Off-sites

The team is the most powerful unit in an organization. I help teams unleash their potential by helping them figure out what’s in the way and how they can work better, together. Whether it’s at a team offsite or by incorporating changes into the team’s weekly cadence, I’m here to help your team be its best.


Your team has clarity of purpose, strategic goals, and roles. All voices feel heard. Your team is able to self-diagnose what needs to improve and feels empowered to overcome any obstacle in its way.

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Leadership Assessments

All feedback is a gift, but some gifts are better than others (tube socks…thanks!). We offer a qualitative 360 review and/or the Hogan Leadership Assessment to ground you in your strengths and opportunity areas.


Armed with a complete picture of who you are at your best and your worst, you are attuned to what derails you and adapt your behavior accordingly.

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Leadership coaching

Sixty to ninety minute biweekly virtual sessions that help you turn opportunities into strengths. Sweatpants encouraged.


You become the best version of yourself. You successfully lead others through transformation. Your team performs better.

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Who I Work With

  • Teams of 10 people or less
  • Anyone with an open mind
  • Coffee drinkers (tea is good too!)
  • For-profit or non-profit

Help Me Help You

Setup time with me to learn more about you and your team.

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