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I have spent my entire career asking questions. I get that from my Mom, the most curious person I know. I began my career as a litigation attorney, representing everyone from police officers to Fortune 100 companies. After feeling stuck for some time, I asked myself, “Is this really what I want to do with my life?” Spoiler alert, it wasn’t. So I went back to school at Northwestern and got a Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change.

It was at Northwestern that I began to do some coaching for a team of high potential leaders. I loved the connections I made with clients and the positive impact each one-hour session had.

Hoping to have that same impact, I accepted a position at a Fortune 100 company as a consultant tasked with helping leaders and teams be more effective. There I noticed how many teams were in survival mode – ping-ponging from one initiative to the next without a minute to reflect on how they were working or the impact it was having.

When I was able to convince a leader or team to pause, take stock of their ways of working, and to put themselves in their customers shoes to figure out how to work better, I saw them thrive. Seeing the impact it had brought me back to my coaching days.

I decided to start my own business to create more of those moments. I ask a lot of questions and use a data-driven approach coupled with pragmatic tools and techniques to help leaders and teams work better together and deliver greater value to their customers.

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