Life Lessons from My Daughter

I did not feel prepared to be a father when my daughter was born prematurely (we had our last birthing class the night before she was born).

Three years later, Dad, Daddy or Daaaaaaaaaad is my most cherished title. My daughter has taught or retaught me many key life lessons:

1. Celebrate the little things, not just big milestones. Finding a sticker in an unexpected place, learning to ride your scooter  and putting your underwear on the right way are worth celebrating.

2. Naming your feelings is both a sign of vulnerability and maturity. “I feel shy, Dad.” How many times have you heard someone name their feelings at work?

3. It’s good to be direct.

4. Stop and smell flowers

5. Don’t take yourself too seriously. “I want to be silly.”

6. You never know how someone will interpret your tone, “Opa is always growling. One day I heard opa growling in the bathroom with Oma.” My Dad (Opa) was clearing his throat.

7. The answer to the question, “Should we get ice cream?” is always YES, unless you are lactose intolerant. Then it’s, “Yes, if we can ride home with the car windows down.”

8. Sand rinses off your feet. Watermelon washes out of your clothes. Life is about letting watermelon juice drip down your chin and running barefoot in the sand while the waves chase you.

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